My respect for Toby as an actor just went up exponentially [as if it could go any higher] when I saw him in this Bollywood film. He spoke in Hindi in a lot of the scenes, and he retains that same intensity, vulnerability & charisma he displays in every single one of his films. He looks so dashing in his red uniform, the ONLY man I still find attractive with a bushy mustache!!

This is a fascinating interview he did with the BBC that gives an insight into his role. His dedication to his craft is incredible… is it any wonder I ADORE this man!

Toby Stephens Mangal Pandey William Gordon sexy men in uniform what a chameleon


2001 : Perfect Strangers

Written and directed by Stephen Poliakoff and blessed with a cast which includes in addition to Toby,  Michael Gambon, Lindsay Duncan, and Timothy Spall, it is a lavish project, filmed at Claridges Hotel in London for broadcast on the BBC.

Perfect Strangers’ revolves around the Symon family, an affluent, upper-middle-class London dynasty. The family’s elderly patriarch, Ernest, has decided to host a huge, elaborately organized reunion at a luxurious city hotel, inviting not only his closest relatives but everyone on the family tree including the blacksheep Raymond (Michael Gambon), his son Daniel (Matthew Mcfadyen), and cousins the raffish Charles (Toby) and Rebecca (Claire Skinner).  

Gradually the glamour of it all becomes tarnished and Charles’s self-confidence turns out to be a facade for a man crippled by emotional inadequacy. 

It aired in the USA under the name Almost Strangers, to avoid confusion with a sitcom which was running at the time called ‘Perfect Strangers’.

Oh I so want to see this!! There are clips on youtube where Toby’s crying in the bathroom. So heartbreaking!!

Toby Stephens Matthew Macfadyen Perfect Strangers I love Toby's gorgeous sad face