Still reeling from watching Private Lives on Friday. OMG, just when I thought I couldn’t love Toby more, his incredible performance here just prove how versatile and chameleon-like he is as an actor. He does this play the same time he’s filming his role as Captain Flint in Black Sails! I mean Noël Coward and pirates couldn’t be more different from each other, yet Toby inhabited both roles so perfectly that it was like watching two completely different actors!

Toby Stephens Anna Chancellor Private Lives truly one of Toby's incredible performances how could I not LOVE this man



How can you not love this guy; he is so talented!  Toby Stephens has such charisma and charm!  I just can’t get enough of him!!! 

No matter how inconsiderate and insensitive Jack is, or how scary Flint gets, Toby still makes them real and lovable enough that you root for them.